Are you doing everything
you can to make yourself
look as professional
as possible?

Covid created a new way
to communicate. Are
you ready to do this?

Get rid of the bedroom cluttered scene with a green screen and some software!

Yes we have all the
Other equipment and
Cables you'll need to
Complete this journey!

And all the software you need is right here.

Each piece of software has their own website so you will have to visit each link to get all of them.

Just hover over each image below and click to be taken to their website.

The NDI Tools website is changing the way we send our video, allowing us to specify IP addresses to broadcast over private networks you have.

Giving you the ability to send video to anyone else on that network or any device that can receive an IP address for it’s input.

VLC is an incredible viewer for your mpeg files.

It also allows you to send that video over IP address into the NDI Tools Studio Monitor so you can broadcast over IP your saved video files.


I know I only said mpeg files, but this program has the ability to address multiple file formats and play whole directories for hours of uninterrupted video play.

Please see their website and FAQ pages for all the types of files this monster video viewer can play.


Next is the Epic Unreal Engine.

This one has multiple benefits when you join.



You get the best of what a gaming engine can bring to the table and with Unreal Engine 5, there’s some dynamic scenery changes that will create such realistic visuals that your experience will blow you away.

You don’t have to be a programmer to hook up NDI Tools to the Unreal Engine system and have your own video playing of you in the scene of your own video game.

I made this video with an old ZTE phone that didn’t have service (used house WIFI). I had a tan sheet and not a green screen (Thanks OBS for color filters), lousy lighting, very early in the morning and a really bad hair day. Enjoy.


I mentioned multiple benefits:

The second reason to belong to this dynamic game creating machine is because they always send along games so you have plenty of enjoyment if you like playing video games.

Next up is the OBS Studio project.

This is where you will be editing your video alpha channel with the green screen background and set the filters to drop out that background inside Unreal Engine.

This will allow you to send to Unreal Engine all the information needed in the alpha channel to blank out the background.

The use is two fold. First it’s used to filter the scene letting you chose which color you want to use as the mask. Here’s where that green screen comes, just don’t wear green when using it. It also uses a special NDI plugin filter that you will download next that removes that green screen background for use in the Unreal Engine.

But in order to get NDI to recognize OBS Studio 30.0 there’s a plugin. and you can find it at

I expect this link to change with passing versions, so I’ll keep it up to date if it’s brought to my attention. Here’s the page and what the readme looks like currently. You will want to click the download in the file.


And finally for now, is Vmix.

But we don’t want their full software, we want their Desktop Capture Software…

Here’s their Desktop Capture Software download page…

So, we go to the download page from their homepage and look for the capture software further down the page on that page. This will allow us to:

vMix Desktop Capture Features

  • Capture multiple displays, windows at high quality and in full resolution
  • Games can now be captured from computers running Windows 8 or higher, including fullscreen games powered by Direct3D or OpenGL.
  • Audio is captured automatically
  • The mouse cursor is also captured

Now I know this is a lot of learning but putting this collection into your belt of knowledge will give you that professional look with any backdrop you like.

The side benefit is it gives you the understanding of what’s possible with the next generation of video transfer over IP.

And I wouldn’t leave you hanging without a clue, so here’s an assortment of video’s that teach everything you need to get off and running.

Of course I use and I would suggest you follow these creators and give them likes for the awesome work they’ve put together.

Humble Ninja