Is There Really Free TV on PC for You?

Watching TV used to be a family thing to do on a Sunday night. Now, we are watching TV in our cars, on our phones and even on our computers. You can imagine what has happened in the television business world, a whole other set of stores that are there to accommodate you getting TV on your PC, car and phone. There are lots of web sites that will give you TV on pc; you just have to search for them and then approach them cautiously inspecting every click.

As a matter of fact there are quite a few companies on the Internet that bring TV on your PC. Just what are the differences you can expect and how do you know you are getting a good deal? Are all PCTV providing companies the same?

Almost all computer generated television comes from large data feeds and are piped through large trunks of fiber optic channels from different parts of the world. These television feeds are available to the major network operators to dole out as they see fit through various programs and similar groupings of channels to view as packages to the end customer, you and I.

How do you know you are getting a good deal? There is really no way of telling except to write to the operator you want to send your money to and ask them how they compare to the next software site. I am sure you know what will be the outcome of that attempt would be, just another sales pitch.

Now most of the television channels being offered through the makers of the PCTV viewing software packages can be easily found on the net and they do not have to be paid for. What you are paying your money for as far as I can tell is the organization and presentation of the Television channels you have available to watch and that is about it.

This means the software provider is selling you a list of web sites that have movies and television programming already in their web pages. I would imagine it would sync with the software vendors list of web pages they search to keep the data fresh. I have also seen them as just being pointers to a web page where the station has its hosting.

If you break down the parts about how much searching you would have to do to find all of these channels and then organize them, with all the hours you would invest in making sure they are legitimate and they are not spam sites or rogue virus sites, and you value your time as money then you might be persuaded to fork over your hard earned cash for software products like these.

If you are adventurous you will be able to quickly find at least three to five web sites where you will be able to watch your favorite shows without having to pay the money, as a mater of fact, I have found a couple of great sites to get you started.

There are lots of web sites you can click into to get free TV on your PC. Two web sites that I like and recommend that I use often and have been around for a long time are ovguide.com and global-itv.com. They have a very nice layout for each television category and are organized nicely making the web site very easy to browse through. I am sure by looking through the search engines you will be able to find many more possibilities for these types of web sites. I have offered this here as a starting point for your journey through what has become a very convoluted and distorted capability available to you and your computer internet connection.

Buying a piece of software to run in your PC is not the only option you have available to you. There are manufacturing companies who have created a few series of products that are hardware oriented and you can purchase a dongle that fits into your USB port that will set you up with PCTV and is wireless ready. This company also makes a PC computer to TV connection that will enable you to watch it all on your TV instead of computer.

Which ever way you want to watch your television, whether it would be by computer, phone, car or just lounging around the house clicking on the remote, you can be sure there are plenty of options you have to get your favorite show and episode to watch right now.