What type of PC to TV Cable do you need?

There are four major types of PC to TV cables that are widely used in the US. Some have qualities that are far superior then others in terms of how they are made and the quality of signals that are sent and received. VGA, DVI, HDMI and S-Video are the most widely used.

The most affordable, easiest mounting and most familiar way you can connect your PC to the TV is by using the S-Video to three cable RCA connectors. S-Video has two variations, the seven pin and the four pin outputs on the PC, so make sure you discern the variation you need to purchase for. You will also need a cable for the stereo output, which coming from the laptop will be a singular plug type stereo. Usually you can find a cable that has the option for stereo that is incorporated with the main video cable.

Another popular version that maintains the S-Video output from the laptop is the four pin S-Video and Stereo Audio Input combination for the TV. You will always need to check whether you have the four or seven pin output S-Video in your laptop, and when it comes to your TV, you will see two inputs for stereo, usually one red and one white rimmed input ports along with the four pin S-Video for the TV.

For older laptops and desktop units, you will be dealing with the VGA monitor output on the PC and probably going to the RCA input on TV or the S-Video and Stereo Audio on TV for your watching connection, though there are some HDMI and DVI as well and I am sure there will be more in the future as we move into 3D-TV.

With the advent of HDTV, you now have component video input on HDTV which has three inputs, but the output from RCA will not work because they are not wired the same and do not contain the same information. The Component Video has the video signal on three separate lines; two carry the color transmission usually colored blue and red, and the third usually colored green, for the sync and brightness.

With HDTV you have other connector types that are called the DVI input and HDMI input on the monitor or HDTV. You will find these are being featured on many new computer video cards as well. As always, make sure your output from your laptop is either the seven or four pin S-Video connection.

One last input style on the newer televisions is the HDMI input on your HDTV. Very small form factor and compact size about the size of a USB, this connector is very widely used.

For European SCART A/V input on TV there is a seven pin and a four pin version.